Annapurna Trekking

I have dreamed about trekking in Nepal since about the time I started reading Kerouac, Borroughs and Ginsberg. Nobody reads the Beats until they hit their first existential crisis somewhere around their mid-twenties, which means I’ve been dreaming of trekking the Annapurnas for at least 15 years. A lot has passed in that 15 years. […]

Nepal: Kathmandu

We arrived in Kathmandu during a power outage, a regular occurrence since the earthquake in 2015 that killed over 8500 people.  The country is still rebuilding and recovering, and that includes the power grid, which cuts out occasionally to help manage the load – particularly at night. While the airport was on generator power, the […]

Road Tripping Turkey

After our beach holiday in Antalya and Cirali, we set off cross country up to Gallipoli on the North Coast along the Dardanelles, a long strait running between the Asian and European continents. We knew we had a long drive ahead of us, and weren’t entirely sure what to expect of the roads. Much to […]

Cirali: Bohemian beach living

“Why are the chickens still b-gaa-ing….chickening? It’s already past morning!” From Antalya, we moved up the coast to a little village between the mountains and the sea called Cirali. We turned off the main road and basically drove straight down a cliff for 7 km to get to the one and only tiny little village […]

Antalya – in with both feet

At one time, Antalya was the southern-most outpost of the Roman Empire.  At that time it stretched from more or less the border between England and Scotland all the way down and across Europe and into Asia, on this Western coast of modern day Turkey.   Hadrian built a wall in the North to keep […]

Antalya – Holiday life on the Turkish Med

We spent two nights in gorgeous Antalya in a little hotel in the Old Town, Kaleici. Our first task was to unload a pillowcase full of excess baggage that we immediately deemed unnecessary for our continued travels.   From a distance, Antalya is a gleaming white city that sprawls from the blue Mediterranean sea up […]

The act of going

Four days into our trip, and I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and write. The last three weeks have been an intense amount of work, anticipation and finally, relaxation. It is a lot for a little family to get through, and it wouldn’t have been possible if both Mark and I were still […]