Cirali: Bohemian beach living

“Why are the chickens still b-gaa-ing….chickening? It’s already past morning!” From Antalya, we moved up the coast to a little village between the mountains and the sea called Cirali. We turned off the main road and basically drove straight down a cliff for 7 km to get to the one and only tiny little village […]

Antalya – in with both feet

At one time, Antalya was the southern-most outpost of the Roman Empire.  At that time it stretched from more or less the border between England and Scotland all the way down and across Europe and into Asia, on this Western coast of modern day Turkey.   Hadrian built a wall in the North to keep […]

Antalya – Holiday life on the Turkish Med

We spent two nights in gorgeous Antalya in a little hotel in the Old Town, Kaleici. Our first task was to unload a pillowcase full of excess baggage that we immediately deemed unnecessary for our continued travels.   From a distance, Antalya is a gleaming white city that sprawls from the blue Mediterranean sea up […]

The act of going

Four days into our trip, and I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and write. The last three weeks have been an intense amount of work, anticipation and finally, relaxation. It is a lot for a little family to get through, and it wouldn’t have been possible if both Mark and I were still […]

Keep Austin (Texas) Weird

Austin, Texas (the city) First, let me get this out of the way. We did not name our son directly after the city of Austin in Texas. His father picked the name, and yes, it happens to be a name that easily retrofits into both of our homelands. I come from Austin County, the birthplace […]

San Antonio

San Antonio is a 300 year old city in Texas, and its historical significance in the Texas war for independence is known around the world.  “Remember the Alamo!” The architecture, cuisine, people and festivals keep our Spanish Heritage alive. It is home of the Alamo, The Riverwalk, the annual Fiesta festival in April, and Fiesta […]

Why moms wine

Why do mothers drink? Because of places like water parks. My best friend since forever and ever and I took four kids to Splashway Water Park in Sheridan, Texas. Everyone had raved about this park, and it was ideally located halfway between Austin, TX where she lives, and Bellville, where my parents live. Absolute winner […]


                               We left Texas only days before Hurricane Harvey strengthened and slammed into the Texas coast as a powerful and wet category 4 storm (on a scale of 1-5). The force of the storm destroyed the small coastal town of Rockport where my family has spent countless summer days and weeks (and fall, spring and […]

Going home

They say you can never go home again. Having lived abroad for the last 8 years, I’ve been slapped in the face over and over again by that nasty old adage. People and places can change, and they can stay the same. But its not home that’s causes all the problems, it’s you.