Bring or Buy? What to pack for SE Asia

Packing for SE Asia can seem fairly straightforward. Bug spray, sunscreen and a swimsuit, right?  While you certainly need all of those, there are a few other essentials for enjoying your travels through the wonders of SE Asia. Some things should be brought with you, as they can be difficult to find once you arrive. Other things are best saved for when you get there.  Below is our list of SE Asia travel must-haves (or any hot sticky tropical place, for that matter!) mBuy it at home Steripen – do not travel to SE Asia without a means of sterilising […]

Into Cambodia: Siem Reap

We landed in Cambodian city of Siem Reap, the gateway for Angkor Wat and the temples surrounding it that together make up the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site.  Airport transport came in the form of a tuk tuk, and we were dubious as to whether our excessive amounts of luggage would fit on the little bike with a carriage.  Our driver had clearly done this before, and expertly piled on all of our bags, with room to spare for the passengers.  We felt a bit conspicuous driving into town on our overladen chariot, but we quickly realised this is the […]

Perth for families

Perth. That Australian city on the far western edge of a continent, out there all by itself. Is it on your bucket list for family travel destinations? Well, it should be. Perth may not have the cafe culture of Melbourne, or the glittering landmarks of Sydney, but I would argue that it rivals and even beats the beaches of the Gold Coast, and the weather is far nicer than Queensland. From the hills to the south, to hip inner city life, and all of the wide sandy beaches along the entire length of the city, Perth is an amazing family […]