Pai anyone?

Where Chiang Mai was a hipster’s paradise, Pai, a couple hour’s winding drive to the north east is very much a bohemian enclave of harem pants, dreadlocks, vegan food, and just a whole lot of general chilling out. A funky little town situated on a quiet little river, Pai is a peaceful little stretch of earth northwest of Chiang Mai, full of travellers. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever you like to do, you’ll find your tribe in Pai. Once a secluded hippie hideout, it’s now firmly on the backpackers trail, giving it a rich mix of cultures from travellers […]

Road tripping Thailand – Doi Inthanon National Park

The province of Chiang Mai is home to Thailand’s highest mountain, Doi Inthanon. At 2,600m, it’s part of the Himalaya mountain range, and is situated in a massive National Park just a couple of hours’ drive outside the city of Chiang Mai. One of our favourite ways to explore a new place is to hit the open road and see where it takes us. So we rented a car, and pointed west, toward the mountains, and Doi Inthanon.  The 58km drive took about 2.5 hours. It was easy going on the highway out of Chiang Mai, but slowed to a […]

Perth for families

Perth. That Australian city on the far western edge of a continent, out there all by itself. Is it on your bucket list for family travel destinations? Well, it should be. Perth may not have the cafe culture of Melbourne, or the glittering landmarks of Sydney, but I would argue that it rivals and even beats the beaches of the Gold Coast, and the weather is far nicer than Queensland. From the hills to the south, to hip inner city life, and all of the wide sandy beaches along the entire length of the city, Perth is an amazing family […]

Charmed in Chiang Mai

Thoroughly soaked in Koh Lanta with no end to the rain in sight, we boarded a plane to Northern Thailand, to Chiang Mai. It is the provincial capital of the La Na Kingdom, chosen as their capital in 1296, and the ancient, the old and the new blend together seamlessly to effortlessly charm its visitors into wanting to stay forever in this adorable city. The old town of Chiang Mai is a perfect square, surrounded by canals that run just outside the old city walls, with four gates giving access to the city – one in each of the cardinal directions. […]

Thailand: Chilling out in Koh Lanta

We arrived in Koh Lanta in the rain, and six days later, we left Koh Lanta in the rain. Our ferry from Koh Mook rocked and rolled through the storm that never abated during the entire two hour journey north across the Andaman Sea. We disembarked in a downpour, and were ushered with our things into the covered back of a truck, along with 8 other drenched travellers, to be taken away to our various resorts.  The transport was included in the price of our ferry ticket, which was a nice, and welcome touch given how persistently the rain was […]

Where have we been? Perth, that’s where

Perth. We came for the holidays, we stayed for a refurb, and after two months in Oz, we’re now on the road again heading back to SE Asia. We camped, we fished, we road-tripped.  We met up with friends and spent time with family.  We festivaled, Foo Fightered and cricketed. We surfed and swam in some of West Australia’s most gorgeous beaches, and watched the super blue blood moon total lunar eclipse over the skyline of Perth.  We celebrated Christmas, New Year, birthdays, a wedding, and Australia Day.  We spent endless hours with cousins, and swam to our hearts’ content. […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Each year on New Year’s Day, I sit and contemplate the year, and years, past, as well as the year ahead. This year I do it in a campground, on the South coast of Western Australia, surrounded by my little family, old friends, and new temporary friends in a beautiful seaside setting, warmed by bright sunshine. Everyone is wearing board shorts and surf shirts. Kids are circling on their bicycles, and men cook bacon and eggs on the communal barbecues that are provided in every park across Australia. The sense of community among strangers is strong. It’s a million miles […]

Enchanted Island: Koh Mook

Koh Mook enchanted us with its ultra laid back island vibe, soft white sand, deep primary forests, and sparkling emerald water. We landed on the pretty beach after a two hour speedboat ride from busy Koh Lipe to find a strip of sand with people milling about, waiting for their ride to the next island. It was a whole new kind of paradise.  Where the other islands had been gorgeous, they were by and large developed for the tourist trade.  Koh Mook was much less developed, and felt more like a secret jungle hideaway. Our hotel was about 300m into […]

Thai Islands: Getting our feet wet in Koh Lipe

When you have to get your feet wet to get your passport stamped, you  know you’re somewhere special. If you’re in South East Asia, you’re going to Thailand. And if you’re in Thailand, what are you going to do? Beaches, food, islands (and temples, jungles, elephants, etc.). We left Langkawi in a ferry bound for Koh Lipe, a popular island in the southern Andaman sea. It was about a two hour boat ride from Langkawi, and while we had heard great reviews about Koh Lipe, they always came with a caveat…that it’s expensive. However, lacking any better ideas, we paid […]

Island Hopping Malaysia: Pulau Tuba

Anything you could possibly want to do, eat or see as a tourist is available to you on Langkawi. We passed on the parasailing, jet skiing, boat tours, and banana boats, but did have our share of Mexican food and Pizza and more than a few Tiger beers. Beach tourism can get a little monotonous, and even after moving hotels to one right on the beach with a pool, we were itching to DO something. So we boarded a boat for Pulau Tuba, a nearby island where we had located a tiny little beach resort that looked beachy and inviting. […]